How do I post a good brief?
A good brief includes all the necessary information about your project such as:


-          Describe your company

-          Summarize the project

-          Explain your objectives

-          Define your target audience

-          Outline the deliverables you need (formats, technical specifications and any other important details)

-          Include details on the tone, message, and style

-          Provide the exact duration of the video

-          Define the deadline

How long does it usually take you to assess a brief?
We will assess your project within the next 12h from submission and inform you of your acceptance or decline
Which style should I choose for my content?
Every project has its unique tone message and style. We have associated the variety of possibilities with the three basic categoriesthat will be of help in choosing the approach to craft the mix you need. Feel free to explore our examples.
What type of files can I upload?
      .mov, .mp4, …
What is TailorSound?

     TailorSound Inc is USA company led by a couple of European professionals that have worked with music and sound for more than 15 years in all sorts of forms that include moving picture, especially advertising and film. We see sound design as both art and craft. We know the importance of serious and professional approaches, as well as we are aware that we deal with both business and art tasks. We strongly believe that our unique and innovative approach will bring the new field of possibilities for commercial productions who value quality, fastness and no-stress approach.

How do I create my TailorSound account?
Enter personal information and create a username and password. Select security questions that will be used to verify your identity if you loose access to your account.